How to Prune Goat's Beard Perennials

Miss Chen
The energetic and showy goat's beard perennial (Aruncus dioicus) can fill in a sunny or partially sunny growing location with vibrant foliage and white, fuzzy blossoms. This dense flowering plant may reach heights of up to 6 feet with showy white flowers sitting among the leaves during midsummer. Give this flowering plant basic care, including pruning goat's beard perennial at the proper time, to keep the plant healthy and attractive.

Step 1

Trim the white blossoms after the goat's beard finishes blossoming in the middle of the summer. Use the pruning shears to trim the stems off at the base of the plant. Deadheading the goat's beard keeps the plant neat and may stimulate a second bloom before the end of the growing season.

Step 2

Place the stems into the bucket for disposal. Do not leave the trimmed foliage on the soil around the plant because it may create an unhealthy growing environment for the plant.

Step 3

Cut back the dead growth in the spring before the plant begins growing again. Use the pruning shears to cut the dead growth off just above the soil level. The plant will respond by producing fresh new shoots for the current growing season.

Step 4

Discard the dead growth in a compost bin or the trash.
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