Names of Purple Roses

Miss Chen
No matter what the color, roses are beautiful flowers, but purple roses are particularly special. They are a symbol of enchantment to send to someone you admire. Roses of a purple hue are widely available, although less often seen planted in a garden or featured in a bouquet. Yet their unusual color is what makes them visually striking and desired by home gardeners wanting a distinctive colored rose to make their flower beds stand out.

Melody Perfume
The melody perfume rose looks like a quintessential red rose in shape, but differs in color. Its blooms begin as a medium-dark lavender and transition to a pretty lilac as they age. It's named for its aromatic qualities that can fill an entire room with its intoxicating scent. The rose bush is medium size, about 5 feet tall at maturity, and stands upright. It has shiny, dark green foliage. Plant this rose in zones 5 through 9.

Blue Moon
Blue moon is a hybrid tea rose. Its purple-blue shade is what makes this rose unique. Blue moon produces large, ornamental blooms. One rose generally grows at the end of a long stem, which makes it suitable for displaying in a vase. It's a fragrant rose variety, which has a scent similar to a sweet tea. Plant this rose in warm weather climates, such as zones 5 through 9. It requires full sunshine to grow lots of flowers. When cultivated in the right growing conditions, it produces flowers all summer and fall.

Burgundy Iceberg
Despite its name, the burgundy iceberg rose produces vibrant purple roses. This almost thornless rose variety has a mild sweet scent. Unlike other purple varieties, burgundy iceberg roses are hardy and tolerate cooler climates. Plant them in zones 4 through 9. Expect the rose bush to grow to 3 to 4 feet tall when fully grown. Burgundy iceberg is disease-resistant.

The unusually named Veilchenblau climbing roses have deep purple, flat petals with bright yellow centers. Streaks of white radiate from their center. Over time, their color lightens to a bluish gray. Flowers bloom in bunches. These hybrids produce one annual bloom. Cultivate it in zones 5 through 9 and train them to grow up a trellis or fence. They are drought-resistant and can handle moderately shaded areas.
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