Outdoor 4th of July Decor


Come Fourth of July, most of us spend that day outdoors. It’s a great time to show your patriotic pride by making some outdoor 4th of July decor for your yard and garden. We’ve found some cool projects for you that are fun, easy and great for the kids to help on as well. So fly your flag and get out the red, white and blue! It’s Fourth of July!

Our featured project, above – ‘A Diamond in the Stuff’ has a project that just might be the best use for a wood pallet I’ve seen yet. Try her wood flag wreath… This could be a great porch decoration all year round!

From ‘Sunshine Girl Crafts’, this outdoor “fireworks” display is made from simple 4×4 wood scraps, some paint and a little dollar store froo froo!

‘For the Love Of’ has a simple tutorial to create these DIY patriotic luminaries with tissue paper…great craft with the kids!

‘Pink and Green Mama’ made these DIY 4th of July lawn stars with her kids…flour and water, and a homemade stencil… this is festive and fun!

This easy to make patriotic bunting from ‘Create and Babble’ will have your front porch just oozing the red, white and blue!

Set up this cool fun and games station by ‘Uncommon Designs’, and make sure all the kids make those wonderful summer memories at your 4th celebration.

Ehow has this cute cupcake liner wreath tutorial… you might even find all these supplies at your dollar store. Fun!

Love, love, love this DIY mason jar centerpiece by ‘Country Chic Cottage’… Lighted and amazing, you could use this year after year!

Our final project is by ‘Addicted 2 DIY’, these DIY patriotic jar lanterns are easy, and I love the glow they put off when lit at night.

What are your fav outdoor Fourth of July decorations? Share!
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